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SuricataCRM forSHOWBIZ goes to London

We had so much fun at EPS 2020. Thank you to all that came to our stand F22E to see our CRM in action. We loved every interaction we had, not only with visitors but with all the other participants as well.


Event Production Show was the place we chose to present for the first time our new CRM tool, SuricataCRM forSHOWBIZ. Our expectations were high but we came to Portugal with a big smile on our faces because this event was better than we have ever imagined. 


We have met incredible people there. It was great to be able to talk face to so many like-minded professionals.  We highly recommend the Event Production Show. It is certainly a great event.

Visitors can experience the latest in event technology and production and discover a showcase of the latest in event design.


Our job is far from being done. Now it’s time to sit down and start adapting our CRM to all our new clients we made in these two days.


Want to know more about our software? Make sure you watch the video below. You can see our CRM in action at one of the greatest venues in Porto: Casa da Música.


Click here to watch the video


Also, you can read the full article about this project here.


Make sure you remember this name: SuricataCRM forSHOWBIZ because it will be part of many events, festivals and shows around Europe in the near future.


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